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Full Inquiry

A Full Inquiry is intended to develop a more comprehensive understanding of the student through gathering and assessing of additional information.  The full inquiry provides the SAIT with information to determine if the student poses a threat of violence or is otherwise in need of intervention assistance and support.  Information gathered during the Initial Inquiry will be supplemented by information gathered from other persons and/or offices. 

Additional sources could include:

  • Fellow students such as classmates, roommates, friends, teammates or others who interact with the student of concern
  • Additional faculty, department chairs, or college deans
  • University staff such as facilities staff or food service workers
  • Parents, legal guardians or close relatives
  • Online “friends”

Other sources of information may also include:

  • Prior educational institutions
  • Email and internet search histories

In Threat Assessment in Schools:  A Guide to Managing Threatening Situations and to Creating Safe School Climates, the United States Secret Service and Department of Education developed a series of questions that serve as a framework for analyzing  the information gathered during the Full Inquiry phase of the process.  The questions have been further adapted for the post-secondary environment.   Information learned during the full inquiry process will be analyzed using these questions regarding motivation for the student's behavior in order to determine if the student poses a threat of harm to self or others.

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